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“The Benefits of In- house Employee Training Courses”...

Employee training is an important task and it’s not a small one. Many businesses outsource employee training to avoid investing time developing a training curriculum and material. In-house training has many advantages, however, and they are lost to those who don’t train employees themselves.


Four employees is the typical tipping point at which bringing a trainer to you is less expensive than sending employees to the trainer. Professional trainers often charge less when they come to you because they don’t incur the cost of finding their own venue. Inviting a trainer to your place of business also eliminates the cost of reimbursing employees for travel expenses or paying them mileage. Online training can reduce costs even further as they eliminate the need for a live trainer or lecturer.


In-house training gives you total control over how your employees are trained. Using your own managers and other staff members lets you tailor the training content and make it specific to your needs. An external trainer may include information that doesn’t apply to your staff or train them to do things using a different method than the one you prefer.


When you train your own employees, you know exactly what they were told and that they all got the same messages. Relying on outside training vendors means everyone may get a different instructor and a different variation of the material, creating inconsistencies among your staff. Training staff yourself keeps everyone on the same page.


Outside trainers pick the date, time and location of their trainings. If their schedule doesn’t work for you, you’re out of luck. Scheduling your own sessions lets you choose what to train when so you can train your staff during slow periods or jump on important topics and issues quickly.

Current Examples

Whether you want to give your employees an ethics lesson or show them a particular process, doing so in-house allows you to pull real, relevant examples from your own company. This makes the training much more significant to your staff and helps them better relate what they are learning to their jobs. This is especially true when discussing more abstract concepts that can be hard to grasp without any meaningful context.


The more your staff succeeds together, the more cohesion and teamwork you will see from them. Training all of your employees or teams together in-house serves as a team building exercise, creating a sense of unity and shared purpose. It also provides an opportunity for you to bring staff from different departments and organizational levels together.

The next time you want to train your staff, consider all of these benefits to in-house training and consider doing the job yourself. Remember that you don’t have to go it completely alone or start from scratch. There are many excellent training materials already available that you can utilize as is or modify to better fit your needs.


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Baseline Service: Keeping the Consumer’s Trust

There has been a lot of negative publicity of late about what is really inside the packaging of everything from food to drugs— and that includes the specific ingredients and quantity of contents. All of that information is there for you, the consumer, to see, but it’s the commercial labs throughout the country that measure and analyze the products therein.

Since they have a vested interest in their products, the question is this: Who is monitoring the labs and the equipment they use?

Among the most prominent is a New Jersey company that specializes in monitoring and maintaining the accuracy of laboratory equipment — Baseline Service, LLC, headquartered in Bound Brook, NJ. If the equipment is reliable and accurate, then their findings, at least, should not be questioned. How the numbers might be juggled to cut costs or marketed to increase sales is another area of oversight.

Baseline Service itself is ISO-17025 certified by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and this accreditation is the gold standard in ensuring data that comes out of laboratories across the country is trustworthy. Describing itself as “experts in the FDA-regulated industries,” its job, in general terms, is making sure that their client companies achieve the required level of regulatory compliance demanded by the FDA and other oversight agencies. Those regulated industries include healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other consumer products.

Instrument calibration is critical on any equipment used for testing, measuring and analyzing, including everything from digital scales to spectrophotometers. The latter, by the way, essentially measures light that passes through, is reflected by or absorbed by another medium. Examples would be measuring the effectiveness of opaque solids or glass in preserving or protecting contents. And it gets much more complicated than that— and often beyond the purview of even well informed consumers.

Baseline Service has expanded its role even further by adding a well-known innovator, General Electric, as a provider among its array of high-tech equipment and services, recently announcing that it is a distributor for GE’s Measurement & Control Division. The technologies include sensor-based measurement and its key fields are power generation, transportation, oil & gas and aerospace.

Testing and calibration of laboratory equipment, whether for pharmaceuticals or sustainable energy, plays a big role in protecting the health and safety of the public. If the equipment and instrumentation in U.S. labs is not accurate, it puts consumers at risk. GE Measurement & Control is known for the monitoring equipment used for analysis and monitoring in the gas and oil industry, but it is also gaining a niche in healthcare. Also prominent among Baseline Service’s measurement products are Electrolab and Scinco.

It seems like a daunting role for a company that started out specializing in the service and support of High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) equipment. But the demand was obviously there, as well as an escalating need for consumer protection through oversight over a multitude of products.

Baseline has been providing multi-vendor laboratory and process instrument support for more than 20 years. Its success is based on providing quality service by a staff of highly trained and experienced instrument, laboratory, and compliance personnel. That means they provide both the equipment and the people who know how to service and repair it.

Vince Gelsomino, the guy who started it all back in 1995, says it comes down to “experience, reliability, and cost savings.” He believes these are the driving forces behind Baseline gaining the confidence and trust of some of the most prominent corporate entities in the country in making sure their products achieve critical regulatory compliance.

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Tracy has been an education professional for over 20 years. She loves sharing knowledge, helping other find their path in life and everything coconut.

Taxpayers: Welcome to ‘The Portal’

There is a movement among accounting firms to bring their clients into “the portal,” and it is gaining momentum. Anyone who does online banking is familiar with the portal when they check their balances, transfer funds and designate electronic payments.

Now Certified Public accountants may now offer similar access to personal and financial information while maintaining the vital security and privacy so critical in protecting it from third parties. My firm— Lawson, Rescinio, Schibell & Associates— is partnering with Wolters Kluwer, an innovator in tax, accounting and auditing software solutions. It’s a system known as the CCH Axcess™ Portal.

This is likely to change the face of tax preparation, for starters, as well as alleviating the deadline stress associated with it. File sharing programs were a step up above email and paper, but the portal is destined to usher in a whole new era for professionals in our business and their clients.

The chief concern for clients contemplating the portal is security. That keeps financial information confidential between you and your financial advisor or tax preparer, along with other associates you feel should have access, such as a spouse or business partner. It starts at the accounting firm’s website, a secure username and password, and you enter the portal shielded by an encrypted connection. You are now in a secure environment where you can immediately change and exchange sensitive data and other information that could be fodder for identity thieves.

This is high-level stuff right now, sending a message to potential clients that they are dealing with a true professional keyed into the latest technology. It may be an elite offering from your CPA in 2015, but it will assuredly become the standard way of doing business for accounting professionals in the not-so-distant future.

The technology that makes this both possible and effective is known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which establishes an encrypted connection between the client and the web server. You can quickly transfer large data files for review, as well as electronic tax returns, documents and financial documents with the advantage of 24/7 access.

This is truly a collaborative system, and the only parties securely designated as users by the client may enter the portal at that end. It may be as many or as few users as the client chooses, bearing in mind that access means users being able to view and retrieve all of the information.

As the provider of the CCH Axcess™ Portal promises: “You will be able to deliver the highest level of customer service through fast, streamlined communication, while staying compliant with data privacy and breach notification legislation.”

— Mike Rescinio, Lawson, Rescinio, Schibell & Associates, Oakhurst, NJ. To learn more about Lawson, Rescinio, Schibell & Associates and how they are using these tools, please call them at (732) 531-8000.

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Tracy has been an education professional for over 20 years. She loves sharing knowledge, helping other find their path in life and everything coconut.

Tips for Affording International Study


You may have a dream of studying abroad, to travel to exotic lands while following a passion or career

path, but feel blocked by barriers of cost. However, with good planning and a bit of creativity, it could be more affordable than you think.

Getting there is half the battle, so get there on the cheap. Shop around for the best deal on airline tickets. Use a reputable comparative price search website, like Travelocity, to save tons of money on your airline tickets

Check alternative routes. The cheapest total cost of travel may not involve flying directly to a faraway destination. Do some research and compare the costs of alternate stop-overs and even rates to neighboring countries. It may be much cheaper to fly to the country next door and then take a local commuter flight or a bus to your final destination

Look for an internship or apprenticeship. Learning skills on the job, while working for an established company or a master craftsman is often much more valuable than book learning

Try teaching in a language immersion program. You can make a decent salary teaching your native
tongue, even without knowing the local language.

Consider working for a charity or NGO. You could experience the culture, gain valuable life experience
and help people at the same time.

Work at an Eco-resort. If you are interested in wildlife conservation, photography or just love nature, why not work there? They are always in a need of guides, instructors, maintenance people or drivers.

Keep your living expenses down. Shop local farmers markets and cook your own food. Ask the locals where they like to eat. It will be less expensive and probably be the best food in. You ca also utilize public transportation, like buses and trains or tuktuks.

Stay safe. Nothing can ruin a trip like getting ill. Be sure to have health insurance and research the location’s local health facilities.

Mind your manners and know the local laws. No one wants a rowdy tourist around. Pay special
attention to drug laws. In many countries a minor drug possession charge may lead to life in prison.

Try to blend in with the locals as much as possible. Dress like the locals and be aware of your
surroundings to prevent yourself from being a victim of street crime.

Check the travel alerts from the US State Department to stay away from war zones or epidemics.

Put together a group that will travel and study together. You could find companions among friends,
on social media or through a local university. Book air travel together. Shop at Cheap o Air for group rates that could save you lots of money. You can also share housing. For shorter trips, book a hotel suite. You could stay someplace much nicer than you could afford alone. Ask for roll-away beds or rough it on the floor with sleeping bags. For longer stays, rent an apartment together.

Follows these tips and you will soon be on your way to an incredible international study experience.

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Tracy has been an education professional for over 20 years. She loves sharing knowledge, helping other find their path in life and everything coconut.

Is a Master of Science in Education Leadership Worth It?...

Many people worry about whether taking additional college courses is worth the time and money. In many professions, there is a genuine concern over whether a graduate will have a job once they complete their education. However, the educational field is one that has many opportunities available, including principal and superintendent positions.

Principals and Heads of School

Principals and heads of school play very vital roles in the education of students. Even though positions in a public school are very popular, many have begun to realize just how essential this position is in a private school setting. A school’s principal is a visible leader who can make a major difference in how well the staff work together, and help create a greater sense of vision for the school. New leaders often help change struggling schools for the better. In addition to public and private schools, principals also play an important role in managing the growing number of virtual academies.

School Superintendents

A school superintendent has a very important role in the life of a city or county school district. Because superintendents have a more high-profile role than many other educators, it is essential for people in these positions to have a particular skill set. Some of the things a superintendent may be called upon to do in their position is help correct problems with underperforming schools. Another, lesser-known role that many play is ensuring testing compliance, where applicable, for parents of homeschooled children who are not enrolled in a virtual academy or another correspondence school.

College Deans

Many programs, such as those offered at NSU, help provide the necessary skills for graduates to work as college deans. Developing the various academic programs that the college offers is just one part of a dean’s role. They also have to cope with issues concerning the hiring and firing of faculty, a task that requires good discernment skills. One of the most important things to remember is that a dean is one of the most important representatives of a college. Many people will judge the quality of the college by its leadership.

There are many great opportunities that a graduate has access to with a Master of Science in Education Leadership. The right person in this position could be a game-changer. In any case, a person with this degree has a lot of great opportunities available to them.

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Tracy has been an education professional for over 20 years. She loves sharing knowledge, helping other find their path in life and everything coconut.

Getting a Job in the AV Field

“Obtaining a job in any career field requires a set of skills that remain pretty standard no matter which company is interviewing. The A/V industry requires all of the same skills, whether tangible or intangible, depending on which department is being discussed.” Says Katie Pahira of CSAV Systems in New Jersey. For instance, a sales person requires a great deal of “people skills”. Negotiating price, suggesting alternate plans, and creating long term relationships with clients can be tricky, sometimes tense, however learning how to talk with people, understanding the concept of empathy, and always being conscious of voice tone can build a strong intangible skill that will be attractive in any sales position.

Many companies now-a-days are concentrating more on their marketing efforts and the A/V industry, again, is no different. A marketer must be a good communicator and empathetic negotiator, but also must be creative and have the ability to adapt in changing circumstances. Whether a marketing agent is working on a company website, social media platforms, or other campaigns, the ability to make their company stand out above all the others is the goal. Imaginative marketing and advertising will achieve this goal and allow for the ability to adapt to new trends. These are the best skills for a marketer to employ.

The A/V industry does, however, have a unique department that requires a whole different set of skills. Of course, this is the technology department. Audio/Video technicians must have not only the intangible skills that the sales and marketing team possess; they must retain elusive skills of their own as well as physical skills in the field.

As a technician, the most obvious skill to be acquired is knowledge of the equipment. This skill, although apparent, requires constant self-educating as technology changes almost on a daily basis. Being aware of the newest technologies not only assures the client they are getting the latest model of a piece of equipment, but perhaps the most cost effective one. For instance, a new LCD screen TV could cost double the price of the previous model, while the technology isn’t that much better. Knowing this saves the client money while gaining their trust in having their best interest in mind, therefore making knowledge of the product a skill of value for a technician.

Since half of an A/V technician’s job is the A – audio, having acoustical expertise, or developing an “ear” for any given project area is attractive to the client, and in turn, attractive to a potential employer. Every environment has a different way of absorbing or bouncing sound. Being able to recognize these differences, and having the knowledge to work with them, allows a technician to better outfit the room or area with the proper equipment for the best A/V system.

In the Audio Video Industry, it is not only important to retain these skills, but to know when and how to use them. Whether looking for employment, or simply looking to excel in the field of technology, refining these skills is vital to be an attractive candidate, and provide the confidence needed to be a five-tool player in any job, no matter in what field or industry that job may be. Intangible skills take time to refine, and a lot of the learning, whether hands on or impalpable, takes place in the workforce. But as professionals, we should always strive to keep active, keep learning, and keep acquiring any skills we can.

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Tracy has been an education professional for over 20 years. She loves sharing knowledge, helping other find their path in life and everything coconut.

Reasons to Become a Nurse in California

Becoming a nurse is extremely rewarding, and it allows a great deal of flexibility. Nursing is an ideal field for people who want to help others, especially those who are sick and injured. Here are a few reasons why one should consider becoming a nurse in California.

Demand is High

The need for registered nurses is continuing to grow. The growth has been steady, but should be at nearly a 30-percent increase by 2020. Nursing is the next-best healthcare profession to dentists, which has been identified as the best.

Due to the Affordable Care Act, there is a shortage of nurses currently. More people are getting healthcare daily causing a higher demand for nurses. It is expected that job openings will continue over the next decade, especially for nurses who are licensed.

Aging Baby Boomers Require Care

The number of baby boomers hitting the retirement ages is beginning to increase. This is bringing an influx of patients to physicians’ offices for regular check-ups, as well as nursing homes beginning to see more patients. Nurses are needed in the geriatric field to help create treatment plans and identify symptoms that could lead to serious conditions.

Current Nurses are Nearing Retirement

Many nurses, according to the American Nurses Association, are nearing the age of retirement. In fact, roughly half of all the nurses currently working will be ready to retire within the next five years. With the number of nurses retiring and the number of baby boomers needing care, the ANA is recognizing the need to get more people hired.

Technology is Adding to the Industry

Nurses are now needed to transfer diagnoses and other data into a computer system that patients can understand. Technology has advanced greatly in the medical field, and many places now use cloud computing to access anyone’s medical file with the proper release signed. People who already are experienced with computers, and data entry are in higher demand.

Immense Flexibility

Nursing has the same specialty options that physicians get, allowing people to investigate any type of nursing field. Some of the unique areas nurses can go into include staff on a sport’s team, cruise ship, travel companies, and plastic surgery. It is also easy to transition from one specialty to another, preventing burnout. This also allows a person to work in a doctor’s office or in a hospital, so many can find hours that work well with their family.

Higher Pay

In addition to the number of jobs for nurses growing, the salary is also on the rise. Registered nurses have gone from a mere $20,000 a year to well over $50,000 a year. It is possible to creep higher with the salary by specializing in areas that are of interest to the public, including home health care.

Nursing is still a very respected field and offers a lot of chances for growth. If nursing is something you are contemplating, visit to locate which programs in California best suit your needs.

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Tracy has been an education professional for over 20 years. She loves sharing knowledge, helping other find their path in life and everything coconut.

How to Create a Great Targeted CV

They say the way to get a job is to produce a CV that’s targeted towards the company you’re applying for. In other words, don’t produce an application and send the same one to a hundred different companies. Employers know when a CV hasn’t been targeted correctly. It’s blatantly obvious.

Keep reading for a complete breakdown of how to create a great targeted CV.

It’s All in the Ad

We’ll begin with the original job posting. A UPS application will be targeted by listening exactly to what the employer wants in their ad. It makes sense that you would pick out these attributes and ensure your CV meets them. You’d be surprised at how many people fail to do this.

View the Company Website

Your personal statement is the only area where you can write the company a message. You don’t need to list any particular skills if they’re already shown by your previous work experience and qualifications. These are wasted lines.

Get something unique by viewing the company’s website. It’s a goldmine for data on what a company wants from its employees. Many companies these days are fans of having a ‘Values’ page. Utilize what they say here for your own personal statement.

Targeting the Right Companies

We’ve gone through the two foundations of creating a great targeted CV. But you can have the most targeted CV in the world and it’s not going to matter if it doesn’t go to the right people. A UPS application should only go to UPS. The same application shouldn’t go to USPS, for example.

Increase your chances of getting a response by researching the companies before you start writing an application for them. Ask yourself whether you would hire you if you were in charge of that company.

It’s always better to apply to fewer relevant companies than an entire sector in industry.

Still in the Numbers Game

A targeted CV will never give you a job, or even a response. It’s always a numbers game because the world is so competitive these days. Make up the numbers, even if it means spending more time than you normally would on this kind of process.

A Final Word on the Basics

Obey the most basic rules of writing a job application. There are certain criteria you always have to meet when applying for any job.

  • Perfect spelling and grammar.
  • List your examples of relevant work experience.
  • List any formal qualifications you have, and make sure you can prove them if asked.
  • Use an acceptable font and stick with standard black.
  • Format to make everything simple and readable.

Easier than You Think

Targeted CVs are easier than you think to create. You already have most of the foundations in place. It’s just a matter of not giving in to temptation and adding absolutely everything, whilst simultaneously targeting every organization you come across. Learn to be selective about what you include and what you decide to leave out.

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Tracy has been an education professional for over 20 years. She loves sharing knowledge, helping other find their path in life and everything coconut.